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Monica Roccaforte Biography Photo Monica Roccaforte Biography
Born: 1/14/1978
Aliases: Claudia, Sylvia, Jolan, Sandra, Szilvia, Silvia

Born: January 14, 1978
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Height: 5 ft. 6in.
Weight: 123 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Breasts: 36C
Waist: 23"
Hips: 34"

Monica, or Sylvia as she was raised in the growing metropolis of Poloma. Always admired for her dedication to progression and improvement. She graduated in 1979 with a degree in theatre and arts from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Spreading her wings she set out to grow abroad studying further in theatre in England gaining valuable connections and invaluable insight into modeling and acting on a world scale. Many still ponder the crossover into adult film other than the ever popular monetary appeal to the industry. But she quickly grew with adoring popularity and went on to hail many industry awards.

She began her early entertainment careers dancing, acting and modeling at the age of 15. I always loved dancing it was my true passion. With her first lesson at the age of 7 she was hooked. With promiscuity being a trend of the times she would learn from siblings and friends, knowing she had a talent for making men feel good and entertaining, thus feeling the adult industry was a good fit for her to pursue.

Notable achievements were winning 1981 AFAA Best Actress in "Amanda by Night", 1982 a triple whammy awards of AFAA Best Actress in "Roommates" and Best Supporting Actress in "Foxtrot" and capping off a great year with being awarded CAFA Award for Best Actress in "Roommates". Another group of awards she received were in the year 1996 AVN Award for Best non-sex Performance in "Nylon", and a AVN Hall of Fame Induction, Legends of Erotica, and XRCO Hall of Fame awarding. Recent nominations never missing a year for her named being mentioned years 2001 ? 2008 as she is continued in directing excellence and always will be touted as a true Industry Great.

She is growingly becoming a fan favorite based on absolute involvement, beginning with before camera acting and now days supporting strongly via directing and production. Endurance and drive has let her overcome many obstacles in her short career thus far, as recent developments.

Monica compelled to succeed set back to New York only to be disappointed with the straight film business, experiencing extremely bad relations with a casting director, she decided to leave that chapter in life. Eager to move on She tried her hand in a few production Music ventures that fell through a short time after undertaking them. She took a short break to regroup and gained employment as a temp secretary at Psychology Today. With a stroke of coincidence the person she rented a room from was a figure in X-rated productions. He reviewed her many fine credits, portfolio of modeling pictures, and was easily convinced of her natural belonging in the adult industry. I found a great deal of peer confidence in my abilities and a surprising amount of support, success seemed very likely.

One of my most challenging scenes (laughs Monica) was with a predominantly gay actor Z. Colt. It was near exhausting just to keep him "into the scene", we jokingly referred to him as everzoft cause it was hard to get him up and keep him up, for I wasn't of his choice on the sexual appetites.

A true measure of help early on in my adult career was advisement from my good friend Seka, whom reminded me that performers only do what they want to do, and not to let Wiley producers influence them otherwise. Pre determine all your prices and contracts up front with no room for mistake about your getting paid for your time.

"I've done a lot of anal intercourse scenes. When I'm hot, I'll take it any way I can get it. I just want it. I wouldn't say I like it more or less... It's just a different sensation. I think a lot of straight men would like it, but they may be afraid to do it because of the homosexual thing. "A magazine ran a shot of me from a movie where this guy was behind me. It wasn't an anal. The magazine printed: "And Monica yelled: 'fuck me where I shit!'" That is not a turn on to me.

"As for work, I don't have to kiss ass to a boss. I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. I get away with doing a lot less and getting paid a lot more than most ladies ever would. That's why I can't consider myself a feminist. I'm a people-ist. "There was an anti-porn thing, for example, in New York. What it really was was a bunch of dykes getting together hating men. That's not my idea of a good time. "I make pornography because I can...and because mainstream isn't beating down my door. Porn has its share of good and bad, too, but compared to legit people, they're more real and down to earth."Most of the people I became acquainted with who did legit films, the supposedly moral people of our world, I found to be the most degenerate. "Film is the illusion of truth. What might look good on film is not necessarily what feels good. Still, I believe that the hotter you are, the hotter it's going to come across to the audience. A lot of girls in this business aren't into sex, or they aren't into making it with another girl. They play at it, and their coldness comes across on film. The more you can psych yourself up to be hot, the hotter it will appear on film."

As for an aspiring new actress she offers this advice: "Porn is one of the worst things an aspiring actress can do. What angers me is that if I were up for a straight part, and I was just as good as someone else, that I've done porn would stand in the way. It's the kind of hypocrisy that prevails in America. Everybody loves to make love, but nobody wants to admit it. Everybody loves a girl who loves to be screwed, but they still think of her as a slut. I'd see guys fucking all day on a set, and people would say, "Wow, what a man," and "Isn't he wonderful?" A chick will get fucked all day and they'll say, "God, she's really great, but what a slut!" So, you realize that you've got to be the best slut there is."

Hart quit doing explicit sex scenes after four years in the biz, but she still makes cameo appearances in porn. She and Kelly Nichols appeared in 1995's Latex.

Monica's mainstream career has been disappointing. She's mustered only small roles in big movies and only big roles in small movies. Like numerous other former adult stars such as Linda Lovelace, and Richard Pacheco, Monica is married with children. She produces under her real name - Jane Hamilton - at VCA and directs as Monica Hart.

"Porn is not hooking. I was hired as an actress. Maybe on a straight film the director fucks the actress but it doesn't happen in this business. Nobody has to come in here and do me to get a job. "That's why I hate to get lumped in with the rest of pornographers. "I took great joy in this business because I was hired to fuck. I never had to fuck to get hired. "It's sleazy to fuck to get somewhere. Believe me, I've tried it all over Hollywood. It doesn't guarantee anything.

"Everybody who doesn't fuck the actresses takes great pride in that. They feel set apart. They don't feel as sleazy as the next guy. I had a two year fling with Harold Lime. That was my choice. I've never fucked anybody in this business to get a job.

"I take pride in my high standards. No actress comes into VCA and fucks anyone to get a job. I hate to get lumped in with the Rocco Siffredis and Max Hardcores. Women should be treated with respect - not slapped around, spat upon and dunked in toilets. "I maybe idealistic, but I want everyone to get off and be happy in my pictures. I don't want it to be an act that's imposed on the woman but is enjoyed by the woman and sometimes initiated by the woman."

Monica directs and produces under the name Jane Hamilton. VCA has released about 40 of her sexvids. Jim Holliday calls her the hardest working woman in porn. She produces the movies of MTV-style pornographer Michael Ninn.

Hart published a letter to the 3-98 AVN. "I've always been proud to be associated with the adult business and have stood up for it many times on talk shows, in interviews and have lobbied for the business in Sacramento. Being a member of the board for The Free Speech Coalition has been very meaningful and exciting. It has been important to stand up for our sexual freedoms and spread the word that sex can be fun, joyous, fulfilling and really nasty.

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